Cleaning Tips

Always use loop-end mop heads. They can be machine washed and they don’t tangle, but make sure to clean them weekly (they will last longer).

Dedicate your mops for certain areas. For example: ceramic tile mop, wood floor mop, vinyl tile mop etc. Chemical reactions can cause floors to become damaged.

When high-speed buffing, always flip pad halfway through for even shine. After buffing is finished, spray hose your pads for maximum use. Our staff uses the same pads 8 to 12 times.

Improper use of chemicals: Always read label before mixing any chemicals. Common mistakes most companies have are not using measuring cups or spickets in gallon jugs, which results in a waste of chemicals.

When vacuuming, make sure to pick-up all objects off the floor, such as: paper clips, push pins, and any other small plastic and metal items. Most vacuums are not equip to handle these items and will damage your equipment, severely.

J&M Commercial Cleaning Services